Meet the Team

Davis Gonnella – Director

Davis, is our founder and director. He is the reason we are all here. He steers the ship and is always the happiest person in the office. In his spare time he cares for his family, focuses on his hat collection and occasionally builds on his Pokédex ( not kidding).

Lisa Houghton – Retail Administrator

As Retail Administrator, Lisa looks after our premise, controls our stocks and organises the studio diary/bookings. She is an integral part of the business with many years experience in Retail. In her spare time she feeds up her colleagues with snacks ( we don’t complain) and watches court TV. She is also in the process of learning the Ukulele, so look out for cover videos coming soon.

Nik Georgopoulos – Business Development Manager / Senior Percussion Coordinator

As Business Development Manager, Nik works on supplier relations and organises future events and workshops for Kingfisher Music. He is also our senior Drummer for the group with more than 15 years experience in various genres of music. In his spare time he likes to cook and visit his family in Greece.

Alix Mair – Workshop Manager / Fretted Instrument Tutor

As Workshop Manager, Alix runs our in-house workshop, repairing and restoring all instruments from guitars to drums. He is also a very keen guitarist and teaches all fretted instruments with over 16 years of experience. In his spare time he likes to play guitar ( shock horror) and watch movies.

Grant Pirie – Multi-discipline music tutor ( we are all jealous)

Grant is our busiest tutor and is a highly skilled musician. He travels the north east teaching Fretted instruments, Piano and Drums to our students. With years of experience and qualifications Grant is someone we all look up to. In his spare time he likes to chill with a book or a video game.